Plans to update of the AMD Compiler Toolchain to the Latest Version?


I really like the Arduino M0 (Zero) platform, but the used ARM toolchain is very outdated.

Are there any plans to use the recent ARM toolchain with GCC 7.2.1?

It would allow to use C++14, which would allow more aggressive const folding and other language features for the embedded platform to improve the code quality.

I tested the latest ARM toolchain directly from AMD (gcc 7.2.1), and also the ARM toolchain provided by Microchip (gcc 6.3.1), without any issues - except some warnings about macro redefinitions. Therefore it would be simple to replace the toolchain on my own behalf, but there are some issues switching to C++14. If this language version is activated, a delete operator is not defined which had to be defined by the platform.

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Arduino tends to be fairly conservative about toolchain updates because a stable experience for the user is more important than providing the latest features. So I doubt they would go all the way to 7.2.1 but it certainly sounds like they understand that an update is necessary.