Plant Monitor Project

Hi All

i have started a project to water house plants with my home and was wondering if someone would be happy to have a look over my circuit and point out any mistakes or give me any ideas for improvements

i have drawn it out on EasyEDA as it was easy to use also attached a screenshot|1fb547268bfe46e08e0f0af9341871b6|cd73d2a7bb7b45bc889152f235f66108

Thanks You

Have a look at the guide to posting on the forum particularly about how to post pictures

i do apologise linked image :slight_smile:

i don't mind being told its wrong or that its not the right way or i have something back to front . any input would help me learn.

I'm happy to try it on a breadboard , just looking for some reassurance that the circuit is correct before i damage my ESP's unnecessarily.

Resources i was using for reference

Thanks Everyone

Did you try out the circuits To see if the motors spin?

If the ADC works with the inputs?

i haven't yet just wanted someone to sanity check the circuit and make sure I'm not doing something completely wrong before it try and set it up , i think my theory is right but i have had no experience and i have picked components based on information i have read online and some assumptions
next step is to set it up on a breadboard and get it working i think :slight_smile: .

What voltage/current is your motor and how are you powering your project?

You will need some bypass capacitors on your power supply wires.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Suggest you bread board the project.
Looks like everything is fed from a 3v3 supply. Usually not recomended.

I would add screw terminals or larger solder pads for future relay power supply. Along with pads to let you cut and reconnect traces.

Cap near power in at micro.
Pads for pull up and pull down resistors

LEDs power relays etc

Thank you for the tips

i will look at using the 5v rail instead for everything other than the e-ink display

i did have the idea to use the WeMos battery shield on top to manage power and just not bridge the pads for a0 pin and take it off to the analogue input BM

pump specs

DC Voltage: 3-5V
Working current: 190-200mA

and defiantly a good suggestion on the pads and screw terminals

The transistors you are using, 2N3906, are PNP connected as if they were NPN. You need NPN transistors.

pump specs

DC Voltage: 3-5V
Working current: 190-200mA

You have chosen transistors with maximum collector current of 200mA, the motors are right up to that. You also need to consider the stall current, which most likely will be more than that. I'd use an N channel MOSFET with a drain current rating of at least 1A.

Thank You will change that then :slight_smile: