Platform choice for multisensor air monitor

Hi. I'd like to make a platform that gathers data from onboard sensors (inside air quality and other air parameters) and remote sensor (outside air quality), record and send the data through wifi and steers an air cleaner by IR depending on air quality level plus display. Would you recommend Arduino platform/board best suitable for this jobs? Maybe you've come across something like that? Thanks for any help!

Search of the forum will show many threads relating to your project. I searched for "air monitor".

I did, but as you see, this is a little bit more complicated - I haven't found anything similar.

Well, start somewhere and learn how those sensors work and then add to it.

The thing is, this is a do-it-yourself thing.

One scheme is through using MQTT.

I have 12 ESP32's at various locations doing various things. 2 ESP32's are out in the yard sending information from a solar powered station. Inside the house is a Raspberry Pi that serves as a server. Another ESP32 is in a box on the wall that controls the HVAC. All tied together using a MQTT Broker and a Python program running on the RPi.

I can go to my website to read status of my house plants and water them or turn down the cooling of the house or adjust the humidity.

Other ESP32's take pictures and send them to the RPi where they are processed, analyzed, and displayed on my website. The RPi serves as an internal FTP server, managing the image traffic from the ESP32's, and sending the post processed images to my web site.

That's a whole advanced cyber ecosystem you've built. Impressive. Thanks for letting me know what's possible and how far I'm from this level:)

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