play audio files for a particular time interval in arduino


I want to play mp3/wav file of a particular time interval. That means if an audio file is 30 minutes long then i want to play from 10 minutes to 20 minutes (or 15min to 30min) of that file in Arduino like audio slicing. but i just want to play. pls help me

Does this help?

MP3 Player shield


I haven't this sheild. i want to achieve this by any programming language. how can i achieve this?

First, you'd have to wade through the protocols of wav and mp3 files to find out what the data means, and how it is arranged. But even if you do that, your Arduino is going to have to handle a high rate data stream, over a megabit/sec., and the data is encoded using a complex algorithm. The poor little Arduino, at 16 MHz., can't possibly do this job. Go with the shield.