Play MIDI files

I need to be able to read MIDI files (*.mid) from an SD and and play them through the USB port on an Arduino module.

I have read where several people have started libraries. I want to be able to select a file, open it, read it, and send the data through the USB port at the correct timing.

There is a PJRC library for reading the midi files on Teensy modules.

I am working on a project that will use MIDI files to control 12 stepper motors. I will assign each Teensy module a channel. Note on, Note, and Velocity data will control the amount of rotation and direction of the steppers.

I need a way to send the files over USB to the Teensy modules.

There will be 6 separate files that will be determined by buttons pressed.

Is there a library to read and lay MIDI files.

I have been looking at GitHub - 5shekel/midi.player: play midi files from an SD card, using arduino and the library.

In particular, I was looking at midi.player/MD_MIDIFile_Play.ino at master · 5shekel/midi.player · GitHub

I could use some help with it if anyone has some time to guide a newbie

thank you ahead of time