Play notes in my DAW (Cubase) using MIDI Hairless

I want to play notes programed on the Arduino through my computers using my DAW Cubase. Like a lot of other people, I want to use the Hairless MIDI program so that I don't have to use additional USBs back to my computer. Can anyone write me a quick code that would play a single note to Cubase? I learn best by finding an example and changing it. But I've had a hard time finding a code to work with.

There is a midi tutor - -

On the tutorial section there is a lot to learn about the Arduino / language.

The code from the suggested page shows an error in the hairless program. The hairless program can read the arduino but it can't pass it along because of the error. I am actually trying to stay away from any hardware at this point. Just trying to get a programmed note to play into the music software I am using.

I cannot see the error ... I don't have a hairless program ...

You have to change the baud rate in your sketch to match what hairless wants.