Play video or images on a TV

Can I second what grumpy-mike has said

The Arduino is not the right platform.

RaspberryPI is one option, or the BeagleBone Black.

Other possible solutions are an Arduino plus another device to display the images, eg an mk808, and USB rs232 interface, but I think that these sorts of options are far more hassle than just using a RPI or. BeagleBone

Thank you, everyone for your replies

mike - thank you for your direct answer.

roger - I have an solid state digital media player that i can easily control with my arduino.

peterh - it will be great if I can reuse the LCD tv already in place to keep costs down but will do what i have to.

the end result i was hoping to get to would have combined the player and the arduino, allowing me to use a somewhat complex input system to control what got played. I still think I can and will still persue this but from a much different angle.

I could very simply achieve the end result my coupling two seperate devices but where's the fun in that?

The arduino 168 and 328 chips don't have enough memory to do much with a high-def LCD TV. Replacing the remote control reciever is more what the arduino is good for. raspberry pi and hdmi are better suited to making tv images.

pi seems to be the consensus but i'm not sure if i am ready to jump into learning a new system just yet. I think In this situation I am going to simply "repackage" the player I have and use an atmega328p to add the additional features I want.