Player Piano Project

I have an upcoming project to convert an old upright piano into a player piano. I wanted to use an Arduino, a danger board and a few motors to control it.

The good thing is that the keys DO NOT have to move, but the roll of sheet music does. The person I’m building it for would like it to also have speaker built into it so that it can play music. That is the reason that I wanted to use an Arduino.

I was thinking of using a Danger Sheild to control the settings (roll speed, volume, etc). The only catch to everything is that I have never used any kind of micro controller! So if anyone has and suggestions or ideas or even can point me to where I should start reading, please let me know.


You would also need some kind of motor controller, and a fairly heavy duty motor of some lind.

You could use a Gearhead DC motor.

Connecting the Dangershield is going to be the least of your problems :slight_smile:

What i dont understand is how the piano is goig to play just by moving the roll of paper ? And why a speaker ?

Its going to be used on stage, so the keys don’t have to move at all. The roll of paper is just a visual effect, its only real function is to move. As for the speaker, it will be used to play music while the roll of paper is moving.

When you combine the two then you have what appears to be a real, working, player piano (from audience distance).

As for the motor, I don’t think that it would need to be very heavy duty. I’m only talking about moving a roll of paper from one roll to the next.

Here is a link to a good video that shows the effect that I am trying to get. Mind you, the keys wont need to move.