Playground editing Netiquitte?

This page:

has an example that is non-functional as is. I want to edit that page so that the example code functions in the modern version of the compiler. I didn't see anything about commenting out things in the wiki about editing. I am also not sure about the protocol of editing a page. I understand that I should sign my changes, but should I also date them, and do that line by line, and explicitly note what i have changed?

Also, how do I insert comments which cannot be seen in the non-editing mode of the wiki?

Can do it in several ways:

You can add additional code to the playground article stating your version is 1.0.3 compatible. Make a remark near the existing code why it does not work any more or so

You can modify the original code so that it will work on old and new versions of Arduino.

You can make a remark + link in the playground article to a topic on the forum where you post your code, which also works as a place holder for discussion (I often do this for my PG articles)

Most important: - respect the original article (adjust things that are incorrect or broken), - be sure your code works (on which platforms you tested it), - keep your writing technical / factual (?),

hope this helpes