Playing audio files with Arduino/Pro Micro

I'm interested in playing audio files using a Pro Micro or Arduino without an SD card. I don't mind purchasing an audio card of some sort but I want to be able to burn the audio file onto the board instead of being able to remove the card. I only need to burn the audio file once so that should make it a bit easier.

Any help?

There is no way any longer audiofiles will fit into the onboard flash. Even if you use some compression technology you will only have about 3sec of audio.

Add some SPI-flash to the ProMicro. 2MB is just $2 and requires only data, clock and a chip select line.

2MB stores 256sec of uncompressed PCM audio at 8bits/8KHz.

I am dealing with audio files on the order or about a second or two. My problem is that i don't want to have any removable parts such as an SD card. I'm looking for internal flash memory capabilities


With ADPCM or uLaw compression you can store about 4 to 5sec of audio in the onboard flash.

How many audio files?

About 5 files. lets say 10 to be safe.

I'd recommend a flash memory chip: you can solder it to your system. 10 files of 2 seconds each makes 20 seconds, 8bit 10kHz results in 20*10k=200kbyte=1600kbit=1.6Mbit uncompressed, this will never fit into your atmega328.