Playing midi files on the Arduino

I'm in the process of creating a MIDI file to be used with Moppy, however I'm running into a consistent problem in which all the tracks in my MIDI file are being combined into one when played through Moppy and the floppy drives. I've tried taking a pre-existing MIDI track with enough channels (eight) and just pasting my tracks over top which works almost flawlessly, however it seems some tracks are still being combined (tracks 5 and 6 are both trying to be played on just the fifth drive for some reason when using one of the pre-existing files, and other ones have similar problems).

I suppose it comes down to some strange data stored in the tracks themselves that tells what floppy should play the track, which I personally am not able to make any sense out of. I use Logic Pro 8 if that helps any.

Not sure if this will help your situation, butI have just written a library that can read midi files on the Arduino and push the data out to a controller or synth. Look in the Audio forum.