Playing Multiple Different Sound Slips?

I'm attempting to build a useless machine box (see link), that will turn itself off when turned on. I was going to run an Arduino nano off a battery pack and have it sleep unless the switch is turned on. When the switch is turned on it serves as an interrupt to wake to nano and turn on to run a number of different sequences to turn the switch back to off.

What's the best way for the Arduino to play a number of different music clips? I probably want to play 5-10 different clips each ~5 seconds long. I have some WTV020M01 modules, but wasn't sure if this is the best choice and still not sure if these modules can play different sounds or just one clip. I also want to be able to turn the modules off so they aren't using power when the nano is sleeping so I could use a MOSFET to connect the module to the power so it's only drawing current when it's is using it. The nano will be sleeping for a long time in between uses so I can't afford to have the audio constantly draining power even if it's small. Any suggestions appreciated!

Useless machine: