Playing Music Simultaneously to the Animation on LCD Nokia 5110

My project is to play the Nyan cat theme song simultaneously in the background while the LCD is displaying my Nyan Cat animation.

[u]What I have done so far:[/u] - I have converted my Nyan Cat bitmap that I drew on paint --> data array (Animation works!!! :D) - Melody plays on my piezo buzzer

[u]Problem:[/u] I can't do both of these things at the same time :( The buzzer will first play the music (LCD is blank) and my program has to wait until the song is finished playing before the animation is looped. But by then, the music would already have finished.... :(

I don't really know what to do :(

Thank you!

I don't really know what to do

If you had read the topics at the top of the forum, the ones that say "Read these BEFORE posting here", you'd know what to do.