Playing recorded audio and page location detection...

His guys, first off, this is my first post so I wanted to say hi to everyone in the community!

Also, please bear with me, as this is though to explain. But basically I'm looking to do a DIY version of one of theses Halmark voice recordedable books: . My mom bought a couple children's ones for my grandmother to record, so that my niece who will be born in October will always have a nice keepsake from her great-grandmother. Basically you press a button on the book to record a page, reading the text on the page. You do this for all the pages. Then, when the little one is reading and flipping through, she'll hear her grandmother reading to her. The audio played is only for the words on the page. The next pages words don't start playing until the page is turned.

The Halmark one's have a few flaws: limited book selection; terrible audio recording and playback quality; poor page detection.

So I was thinking that a small arduino may be able to help. I plan on recording the audio on my Zoom H2, so the recording will be nice and crisp. I think I can manage to find a small speaker with halfway decent audio clarity.

So the problem remains on finding a device that can detect the current open page and play that particular piece of audio.

Please help! Thanks everyone for reading :) .

Hi, Welcome to the forum. I think we had a request like this about three years ago although I can't remember the conclusion. I do remember a great deal of discussion about the page turning detection. Your right that is the tricky bit. Have you see this link:-