playing sound files?

is there a way where i can program a vb exe so it plays a siren sound connected to a speaker thats connected to a arduino?

i mean, i wanna build a siren arduino controlled ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ;D :o

and i ment siren controller, the loudspeakers are parallel connected and are mounted outside, the ema director said i could.

Some car alarms have the sound generator built into the horn. All they need is 12v. That would be quick and easy.

Or do you want to customize the sound?


im building a 8 tone siren controller, and i mean outdoor warning system. ;D :smiley:

anyone :frowning: :-/ :’(

Seen this: Audio Shield for Arduino ?

its expensive, but i have a opinion. i want the arduino to activate it. and idk how to play the beeping code, and then the siren :stuck_out_tongue:

why is it expencive? cuz i only got 15$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you need the siren to be a sample?

You could program a siren using the arduino, and then buy a few components and make some sound.

I think there are some resources on the playground.

good point, tho wail, hi/lo, voice,airhorn would be diffrent .wAv files :expressionless:

You could just simulate the wanted effect for now, and change the code to trigger samples later?

Say if you make a library called ParakeetAlarm that has different functions, say intrusion(); breach(); whatever(); that all uses a playSound(byte sound); function, you could write a client code in the Arduino IDE that uses the library.

//include library
//#include "ParakeetAlarm.h"
//ParakeetAlarm alarm = ParakeetAlarm( 10 ); //connect speaker to pin 10
    //if rules for intrusion is true
    //else if rules for breach s true

Now, when you’ll want to update to using a shield or make any changes, all you’ll need to change is the library.
And maybe even just the playSound(byte sound); function, because all the other functions uses that.

A different approach would be to implement some kind of streaming from the vbs app to the arduino.

ok, ill just wait till i have the money for the sheild, for now, blueprints.