playing sound with a color sensor

hello everyone,

for a school project i want to code a arduino to play small drum sounds while while it detects diffrent colors. as a example. if a color senor detects a red object it will play a hihat sound. an if it detects a green object it will play a snare sound.

i have a arduino uno an a adafruit color sensor ( but i can not figger out how to make the connection between the incoming data of the color sensor and playing sound.

is there someone that can help me?

greatings, Maarten (sorry for the bad english)

i have a arduino uno an a adafruit color sensor

Do you also have an audio shield?

Once you are able to read colors and you are able to make sounds, you can use [u]if-statements[/u] to play sounds based on color.

I don't know what kind of information you get from the color sensor, but if you get RGB numbers you'll have to look for a range of numbers that are valid for each color (because you won't get the exact-same numbers every time and there a range of RGB numbers that appear red or reddish).