playing sound with the arduino Leonardo

Hi all,

I want to play a small sound file with the arduino and was wondering if I can put the sound file on the atmega chip so I don't have to buy a a Sd card shield,

Thanks in advance,


This is almost the same question :

Data can be set into the flash of the atmega chip, next to the progam code.
It is called 'PROGMEM' :

Which library do you want to use the play the sound data ?

Idk is there a library the will play .wav or .mp3 or something like that if I have to I can use a raspi.

The other topic shows a way to translate a file to code for in the Arduino and to play it. It is not working yet, but I have also not tried it.
The Mozzi library is also able to use samples.

But it will take everything from a normal Arduino board to play sampled sound. You can not just play a file.

Ok thanks a ton ill just use my raspberry pi for this