Playing video from and SD card

Hey guys, I also need an (Arduino) video player that plays from an SD card. I know this project seems to be silly/crazy, but I make it for some one who's extremely good in video editing, but NOT good in programming/electronics etc. The video I need/want to show is extremely simple : nothing but a completely black screen alternated with a completely white screen ... The frame rate has to be as low as a video editor program can produce (15fps?) The picture size is small e.g. 128 x 64pix.
Anyone has a solution ?

In advance : THANKS !!! :slight_smile:

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Why does resolution matter and why do you need a video at all ? You just need an array of timing when you need to display white or turn off the screen to black.

Does it need to be a screen at all? A piece if glass on top or a black painted box and at the bottom some strong lighting led will give you black and white

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And it persists. See Super simple avi, mp4,... player with arduino - #7 by PaulVdB

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