PlayLua Free has started

Hello developers, students, teachers, innovators, and Entuciastas

As the creator of PlayLua, I am pleased to announce that the "PlayLua Free" campaign has begun. The objective of this campaign is to convert PlayLua to free so that many innovators, students and Entuciastas, like you, can realize their its technological ideas (PlayStation 2 Games, Windows-Arduino-Augmented Reality Games) through an easy-to-use integrated development environment, full, free, and in a programming language easy to understand and apply.

This goes beyond a personal benefit, is a contribution to the world of these technologies.

You can follow and support this campaign from: PlayLua Free Campaign

Also watch the videos of the campaign (new tests on PlayStation 2, Arduino-Augmented Reality):

Official website of PlayLua: PlayLua website

Thank you very much!