Playstation 1 Net Yaroze Serial cable Emulator via UNO

I just purchased a UNO today and im looking for help to develop a working ttl serial cable to usb sketch that specificaly works with the PSX.

Heres some info.

Just need to know were to start. Another idea i had was to make a mass storage system with the Ethernet shield and the sd cart to upload a psx exe over the net or sd card for portable storage :)

Thanks :)

CyrusMainTea: Just need to know were to start.

If you haven't got any further than "wouldn't it be great if ..." then it seems to me that you've come here too soon.

If you understand what you are trying to achieve, have made any significant effort to design and implement your solution and run into specific problems that you can't solve without help, this forum is a great place to get help. But if you haven't got the slightest idea, it seems to me you aren't asking for help; you're asking somebody to do it all for you.