Playstation power hacking

I am fairly new to the whole smart home and device hacking scene and would like some guidance

I currently have an Amazon Alexa and a Playstation 4,

I am looking to buy an arduino after being inspired by a video of someone hacking a coffee machine to turn on. Would it be possible to turn on my PS4 using the Arduino via a web app or even voice activation.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Look at this product. It makes it very easy to control the appliances, and you are not in any danger of getting shocked or setting the house on fire.

// Per.

Thanks, only issue is that i am from the UK so a USA plug wouldnt work.

In Theory I would like to press a button and the playstation turn itself on without me having to turn it on. It always has mains power going into it so i assume its more of a device hack question

I'm pretty sure that you can turn on the PS4 with a remote control, right?

Make your Arduino send out that code via infrared. Problem solved.

// Per.

Not that i am aware of? Its a sensor which turns the playstation on not a button, So i guess its figuring out how to activate that sensor

I did something like this with a PS3 back in the old days with an Uno rev.1 and a DualShock 3. I took the DS3 apart, found the traces that interfaced with the buttons and broke them out, which was pretty hard - the traces were carbon-coated like remote control contacts because the button pads were on a flexible PCB, so I scraped off enough carbon until I could solder to them, then I soldered tiny 30AWG wires onto each - there were something like 20 of them (the D-pad, L1 and L2 had a common, the shape buttons, R1 and R2 had a common then the start, select and PS buttons had a common too). After that I soldered everything up to opto-isolators. This was before I knew really anything about electronics, it was difficult, clunky and not great but it did what I wanted, at least.

If I were to do it now, I'd have a USB-capable board like a Leonardo plugged into the PS4 and then some sort of IR, RF or Bluetooth device hooked up to that to send button presses, but I haven't tried making a fake DualShock 4 with a Leonardo yet. I wouldn't want to hack the PS4 itself to break out the capacitive sensors on it, though I'm sure that would be easy enough if you have an oscilloscope to see what signal the sensor sends down the wire because it might not be a simple voltage. Then again, it might be.

There's also something called GIMX which I think can be used to interface any device to make it appear like a game controller, so maybe there's something there you can look into.