Please check my schematic and pcb

Hi all!
This is my first post in this forum.
I have designed my first PCB and I would be very happy if someone could take a look at it before I press the order button.
I’m glad for any comments or suggestions for improvements, but I have some specific things that it would be great if someone more talented than me looked at.

  1. Will I be able to bootload the two atmega 328p using another arduino?
  2. Will I be able to program the two atmega 328p using an USB-BUB from Modern Device

Thank you in advance and sorry if this is not the correct forum for this questions.



Beta1.sch (664 KB)

Beta1.brd (138 KB)

Please convert the files to images so those without eagle can see them please....

(I can't see them and I have eagle... Just a different version).

oh sorry, didn’t knew that was a problem. Here are the images. Again, the most important is that I will be able to bootload and program the processors.
I have placed 5V on the aref pin, why have some a cap there instead?

Regards and thank you for any help or comment

Did you order this yet?

Are all layers shown? If so....

I think you have a problem with the barrel power jack. The traces don't seem correct to me. Did you use a netlist? Is the cap above it wired correctly? I only see one connection to it. Is there enough clearance through J1 to run the traces through the pins the way you have done it (or maybe it's just the resolution of the jpg).

Think you'll find that the ground planes are haven't been displayed in the jpeg, hence thats why ground connections seem to be missing.