Please, clarify Genuino catalogue

Will be a Genuino Yún board some day?
Will be a Genuino Due board some day?
Will be any Genuino shields some day?
And so on…

Osqui: Will be a Genuino Due board some day?

You were part of this thread:!topic/developers/HEKecd0qhS4 I think that's about as much information as we're going to get about future production of the Due.

Yes. That's just my complaint: there are many proposals but there are no concrete information about this question: has the Due board a future as it is? (or at least, I haven't been able to locate it).

And not only for the Due: what happened to misteriously dissapeared Yún shield? What's the future of Lilypad family? Etc, etc.

This limbo is very annoying. This post is only a desesperate cry in the wild to someone who wanted to hear it, that's all.

what happened to misteriously dissapeared Yún

I think, but I could be wrong, that the inventor of Yun is Dog Hunter which belongs to Federico Musso (
Have a look on Yun schematics, they are not signed Arduino but Dog Hunter.

I think too, but I could be wrong, that the new boards arduino LLC as Arduino SRL ( Gallileo, Edison, Yun, Star, …) are not really open source or open hardware.
Strangely there is no Chinese copies.

Well, now I've seen all official shields except Wifi and Pro have disappeared from Going on...

It's worthy reading last posts from!topic/developers/HEKecd0qhS4

Do not forget : 1) Arduino team never risked a cent in board manufacturing. The only one who took risks with a plant was Martino and now Musso.

2) So Arduino team must find manufacturers. Candidates are Adafruit in US, Seeed in China and one company in Germany. All these manufacturers will never agree to lose money with boards that do not sell enough. Create a production line is expensive and a manufacturer must be assured of recovering his money with many sales. M Banzi must accept the harsh law of the economy by agreeing to abandon some products.

This is the choice made by M Banzi, it has its advantages (for him) and his disadvantages (for us).

On the other side. All Arduino board are still manufactured by Musso. For him the issue is not the same: manufacturing lines are not to be created, they already exist because before the fight he was the only official manufacturer. And of course it takes advantage of the fact that Banzi not find anyone to manufacture these boards.

Thanks. I don't disagree in focusing only in a few (well tested and diverse) boards: less products but better maintained can be a succesful path for all of us too. My complaint is about not knowing which of these boards will remain, which ones won't: this uncertainity is what I don't like.

IMHO for Genuino line some boards are not abandon to have more time to better maintain other. But because , at this day, no manufacturer accepts to manufacture them. Maybe tomorrow will be different.