PLEASE distribute the software via TORRENT option

80.6 mb via google code is taking me an unbearably long time to download despite being on a fast internet connection. i've had to restart the download three times so far, and the slow speed of 10-12 kbps

please consider taking the example by other open source programs such as yamipod, floola and others by allowing to be seeded/shared by the community! i have a computer at home which runs utorrent on boot simply so i can seed these free apps to other people who want to download them.

i'd love to do the same for arduino.

please ask me if you have any questions about what i mean here.

Why not download from the mirrors ?

i'd make up some long story about how i broke my middle finger making obscene gestures at respectable citizens but i'd be lying, i simply didn't see the mirrors.

all the same, torrent option would be highly suggested as it'd fit with the times. style points +1

edit: thank you, by the way!

hm, totally unrelated, but if we already talk about website modifications i would recommend to move away from anything google related. Website would fit perfectly to berlios or sourceforge and would not need to feed the demon we call google..

I've set up an experimental tracker on my server with the current 0017 releases for linux/mac/win. Currently I'm also the only seed.

Here are the torrents.

We used to use berlios, but Google is more stable, has better performance (for SVN at least), a nicer interface, and a larger user base.

and one can be sure that once arduino's userbase is big enough that there will be a 'goduiono' experimental Atmel programming board shipped with a ARM Cortex, a 128x64 LCD and ethernet so you can see the newest ads right at the bootloader time but have maximum performance...


Should that not be Goduino with a capital G? ;)

I like your thinking anyway. 8-)


I am downloading now to seed your torrents. I think it's a grand idea. Most people default to 'illegal' when they think torrent but i use them all the time for things even as simple as sharing family photos. Things move sooo much faster when you have a few peers.


A 2nd drop of water to fill the big pond. So the downloads are guaranteed to work if Google code (or the evil data octopus, as some other members of the forum see it) should break down ;-)

Now how do I get multi tracking to work...

im also for torrents, nothing gets things faster around...

would seed it also, as my server is anyhow running 24/7 with lots of free bandwith

thnx guys....torrent is indeed fast d software within 15mins