please dont laugh :) need help with "Actuator Position Indicator"

Hello to you all,

I have a small project combine with L16-P Miniature Linear Actuator with Feedback and the Firgelli Linear Actuator Control Board and I want to connect to it the Actuator Position Indicator, at their website is states:

Simply connect power, ground, and the feedback line to the Position Indicator and the indicator will begin to operate.

apparently, the "simply" part doesn't apply to me :) looking at the Firgelli Linear Actuator Control Board I can't understand where to connect the Position Indicator..

Please advise the Newbie :blush:

Thank you all in advance! Best, Ram

Their wording is sloppy. It really means connect a power supply to the board, which involves connecting supply voltage and ground to the board. And your actuator system must have a position sensor somewhere. So the output of that sensor device must be used as feedback. So.... somewhere on the board there must be a feedback input terminal for connecting the output of the position sensor.

The Actuator has a feedback potientiometer. The wording is confusing, but the indicator seems to just be tied to Vcc (5 volts typically) to the pot and then internally to the position indicator circuitry , ground for pot and internal circuitry, and the wiper of the pot. You could test it without the actuator, just supply a 6k to 16k pot with the required voltage, and varying the pot wiper should vary the position indication.

Once you verify operation with the pot, just connect up to the control board. The pot position also provides the control board with feedback.

You could do the same control board function with the Arduino and a heavy duty H bridge, basically creating your own linear actuator R/C servo.

Thank you very much for your reply! I'll try your suggestions and keep you updated once I'll make it or fry it trying :)

success!! here is the correct wiring for any other newbie: