Please explain wahat does this mean

Please explain what does the following message means. I have all the MPU 9250 libraries installed in arduino folder and even I2cdev master library but I get this message.

“Invalid library found in C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\MPU9250: C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries\MPU9250
Invalid library found in C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\i2cdevlib-master: C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\i2cdevlib-master
Invalid library found in C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\MPU9150_DMP: C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\MPU9150_DMP”

even when I try to compile and upload a code with I2Cdev, library include it gives an error message.

These are warnings telling you that those folders don't contain valid libraries. This is only some helpful information the Arduino IDE provides. It is not an error. If you have encountered an error then you didn't post it.

All subfolders of C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries must contain a valid library otherwise you get these warning messages. The libraries must be directly under the folder, not in a subfolder. You should not save sketches to C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries, only libraries. For example, i2cdevlib is a collection of many libraries for different platforms. You can't just dump that entire repository into your C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries folder. You need to move each of the subfolders of C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\i2cdevlib-master\arduino that you want to use up to C:\Documents and Settings\INDIAN\My Documents\Arduino\libraries. As for the other two invalid libraries, I'd need you to provide a directory listing of the contents of those folders for me to say what the problem is.