Please help a guy who is paralysed communicate!

I recently spoke to a customer of mine who's son in law had a stroke six months ago and is now paralysed
and suffering locked in syndrome.

His only way of communicating is answering yes no questions using JUST up and down movement of his eyes!

A 'special team' have been in to assess him and said that they cannot develop anything for him as his eye cannot go left and right so he hasn't been communicate other than a few sentences made up using alphabet boards which obviously take a very long time and as a result he must be suffering!

Please help me construct a method of using perhaps eeg or Electrooculography? To simply, for now, perhaps make an LCD display sentences using perhaps up movement to increase letter and down for next letter, I have an understanding of arduinos and my level is such that I make circuit using bare ATmega328P etc so I am not a total beginner.

Many many thanks, lets change this guys life! I will post videos of our results on YouTube, lets give him the best Christmas present ever!

He is only 39 and has been like this for six months and has no chance or recovery!

Please hit me with ideas and I will get building!

The easy way: Use a camera -> OpenCV -> track iris -> movement to morse -> display text or use e.g. espeak for text output. Morsecode might sound strang, but it actually works like a charm.

If you go to YouTube, look up Adafruit channel and their "Show and Tell".
Occasionally they have some contributors on who do things like you are asking for the disabled.

Tom.. :slight_smile:

Morsecode might sound strang, but it actually works like a charm.

I was thinking about Morse code as well, when OP wrote "can only move eyes up/down".

Camera makes more sense indeed than any eeg or so, as they're not invasive and can detect very small eye movements indeed. Look at e.g. what the late Stephen Hawking used.

Thank you for your inputs however I have seen a few videos of electrooculography using probes which yes are invasive, but for now this would achieve the goal so I am looking at developing a circuit with perhaps an instrumentation amplifier to detect the small voltages in the electrodes which he can 'wear' above and below his eye.

So I am looking at going down this way for now however I do appreciate the method of using Python and the OpenCV library etc but would love to develop a cheap (sub £50) total solution that could be sent around the world to help other people in the same situation that perhaps haven't got access to a computer in third world coutries etc.

So I would like to start with perhaps buying some electrodes and gel and measuring what I get so really grateful for any suggestions of where to start.