Please help about license clarification

Hello guys,

I’m developing a Arduino remote debugger (Arduino PC framework) able to handle Arduino Uno board as an hardware emulator. The system is able to debug the Arduino firmware direcly on host PC. PC side, we can use any development IDE such as VS Code, Visual Studio 20xx, C++ Builder etc. In addition we can insert any number of break point and inspect all firmware variables using the standard debugger provided by IDE in use. It is not needed to download the firmware on the Arduino board, since the firmware is running on the PC and uses the Arduino as a hardware emulator. Currently I’m able to handle any digital pin, analog pin and complex object such as EEPROM and SPI. Now the debugger is using the UART, but in future it will be able to use also Wifi connection.

I would like your opinion on the type of license I should use for this project. Since my Arduino PC framework does not use any GPL software and I developed my library from scratch, my question is:

Can I make my Arduino PC Framework as a closed commercial product?
Logically the Arduino side (emulator) will be open source.

Thanks for your support

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