Please Help(accelerometer/LED)

I've been working on a code for a adxl377 and one led. I want the LED to light up once the accelerometer reaches 90g's in any direction. I am very new to coding so I don't really have an idea what to do.

Beneath is the code. Feedback is very helpful. Thanks!

int scale = 3;
boolean micro_is_5V = false;
int x = 90;
boolean led = false;

void setup()


void loop()
int rawX = analogRead(A0);
int rawY = analogRead(A1);
int rawZ = analogRead(A2);

float scaledX, scaledY, scaledZ;
if (micro_is_5V) // microcontroller runs off 5V
scaledX = mapf(rawX, 0, 675, -scale, scale); // 3.3/5 * 1023 =~ 675
scaledY = mapf(rawY, 0, 675, -scale, scale); // 3.3/5 * 1023 =~ 675
scaledZ = mapf(rawZ, 0, 675, -scale, scale); // 3.3/5 * 1023 =~ 675
else // microcontroller runs off 3.3V
scaledX = mapf(rawX, 0, 1023, -scale, scale);
scaledY = mapf(rawY, 0, 1023, -scale, scale);
scaledZ = mapf(rawZ, 0, 1023, -scale, scale);

5 Serial.print("X: "); Serial.print(scaledX); Serial.println(" g");
Serial.print("Y: "); Serial.print(scaledY); Serial.println(" g");
Serial.print("Z: "); Serial.print(scaledZ); Serial.println(" g");

if (rawX > x) || (rawY > x) || (raw Z > x)
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, HIGH);

Is there some reason for calculating scaledX, scaledY, and scaledZ, and printing them?

Shouldn't you be checking that the absolute value of the (scaled) value is greater than 90?

When you light the LED, do you want it to stay lit for the millisecond that the actual 90g condition existed? Your eye can't respond that fast. Usually you would want it to show for 500 milliseconds or more, so that it's possible to see the flash.

When the desired condition is achieved, start a timer. (If it occurs again, re-set the timer.) Then turn the LED off after the desired number of milliseconds.

5 Serial.print("X: "); Compiler problems there?

After the LED hits 90Gs.. What tiny remaining bit of it are you going to try to find to see if it lit or not?

-jim lee

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