(Please Help!!!)Access Control w/ Wiegand HID RFID reader + Electric strike +Web

I have been starting to build an RFID access control system based off of this code:

int validSiteCodes = {196, 452};
int validSerialNumbers = {15809, 3285};// see if site code and serial number are in the lists…

volatile long reader1 = 0;
volatile int reader1Count = 0;

void reader1One(void) {
reader1 = reader1 << 1;
reader1 |= 1;

void reader1Zero(void) {
reader1 = reader1 << 1;

void setup()
// Attach pin change interrupt service routines from the Wiegand RFID readers
attachInterrupt(0, reader1Zero, RISING);//DATA0 to pin 2
attachInterrupt(1, reader1One, RISING); //DATA1 to pin 3
// the interrupt in the Atmel processor mises out the first negitave pulse as the inputs are already high,
// so this gives a pulse to each reader input line to get the interrupts working properly.
// Then clear out the reader variables.
// The readers are open collector sitting normally at a one so this is OK
for(int i = 2; i<4; i++){
pinMode(i, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(i, HIGH); // enable internal pull up causing a one
digitalWrite(i, LOW); // disable internal pull up causing zero and thus an interrupt
pinMode(i, INPUT);
digitalWrite(i, HIGH); // enable internal pull up
// put the reader input variables to zero
reader1 = 0;
reader1Count = 0;
//digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // show Arduino has finished initilisation

void loop()
if(reader1Count >=26){
//Serial.print(" Reader 1 ");
// Serial.println(“A”);
//Serial.println(reader1& 0xfffffff);
int serialNumber=(reader1 >> 1) & 0x3fff;
int siteCode= (reader1 >> 17) & 0x3ff;

Serial.print(" ");
reader1 = 0;
reader1Count = 0;
if(IsTagValid(siteCode, serialNumber)
digitalWrite(13,LOW); // Open the door. It’s cold out here!

boolean IsTagValid(int siteCode, int serialNumber)
boolean valid = false;

// Determine how many valid tags there are
int validTagCount = sizeof(validSiteCodes)/sizeof(int);

// Loop through the arrays to see if siteCode
// and serialNumber are present

for(int t=0; t<validTagCount; t++)
if(validSiteCodes[t] == siteCode &&
validSerialNumbers[t] == serialNumber)
valid = true;

return valid;

So, I would like to add a couple of functions to this code but I don’t exactly know how. First function I would like to add is a website where I can unlock the electric strike, and add cards, as well as view the entry logs. I would be using a ethernet shield to host the website, which would be port forwarded. I would also like to add time restrictions to some cards when I add them on the website, such as card 124-8930 only has access on week days from 7:00am to 8:00pm. Somebody Please give me some help on this!