PLEASE HELP, Arduino yum Liunux will not boot with StandardFirmata

I am using the StandardFirmata on a new Yum.

Everything works great while I am in Linux. But as soon as I reboot, the Yum linux will not come up (seems like networking doesn't come up).

I am using latest Yum build.

PLEASE HELP, I have already worked on this for 2 days and can't find a solution on google,

Thanks for reading,


I am using your StandardFirmataForATH0.ino with latest firmware on Arduino Yun. It works great with Cyclon...

BUT, the problem is that after a reboot, the device will not boot Linux (maybe Linux interfaces are down).

for whatever reason, these lines are causing the problem:

Serial1.begin(57600); // Set the baud. Firmata.begin(Serial1);

but if I do it like the original file:


the Linux works fine on boot, but I can't get Firmata to work if I take that line... so it's a catch 22..

can anyone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me,

I am already 2 days on this and I can't find a solution,



The Firmata sketch sends data over the Serial port continuously. This data blocks the boot process because uboot stop it when it receive serial data while booting. To avoid this you have to reflash uboot with the latest version. Here is the tutorial