Please, help dream come true

Hello everyone.

I know you all are busy people, but, please, let me explain my self (sorry for my English in future). So, my friend will have his 22 birthday in January and I never got him good present. This guy is like brother for me and have done so much for me. So two weeks ago we where having lunch brake and he mentioned that he would like to have Quad-copter. He talked so much about it, like how he could fly around and make videos, maybe even starting YouTube channel for our city (we live in really small city ^^) and show people that we can make our city better. So I decided that I will buy him one, for first time in my life I will give good gift to him. But then I saw all this prices, yeah, kinda to expensive for me.

So I did some research and found that building Quad-rotor your self is much cheaper. I have some little experience with robotics, but I have no idea how to build functional Quad. From all research I got some theory and idea how build frame, but all “inside” and code…

So, guys, I have around 200$, that’s all my savings for now. Is that possible for such “noob” like me, build Quad-copter that would be able to hold camera, maybe some GoPro or any other (maybe self made too :stuck_out_tongue: ) and controlled with mobile phone (Android).

And now big part, if all this possible, can you give me links with maybe something like step-by-step tutorial and working code so newbie like me could “easily” build Quad till end of December. I know I ask too much, but I will do anything for my friend ^^

Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for anyone who will support me in future.


There's at least one in the gallery : BlueCopter - Arduino Quadcopter - Exhibition / Gallery - Arduino Forum

I don't know how realistic your budget is but I suggest you start by getting something that will fly and maybe enhance it to be able to record video etc later on. There is an Arduplane project which has opened sourced the hardware and software to control a drone and it's configurable to suit various airframes including a quadrotor. I was surprised how inexpensive the hardware was for the controllers, but they're still not pocket money. Then you have to buy the motors, speed controllers and batteries which are also not cheap.

Once you have the basic platform working, Arduplane does support features such as a camera mount that can point a camera towards a fixed point in space as the drone moves around, and you can get light weight video cameras that can record video or stream it back to a live display if you can get a wireless connection with enough bandwidth.

You might find one of the recent videos on The Ben Heck Show YouTube channel since he shows building and flying a quadrotor from scratch, but bear in mind that even using open source designs and hardware it's still a substantial project and very ambitious for a novice.