Please help: final stretch- arduino ppm to trainer debug

Hey fellas!

I have a th9x. I wrote a program that will send (what I think is) a ppm signal to a trainer cord from my arduino.

Can anyone help me setup the tx to receive the trainer signal? Also how do i know if I set the correct min and max pulse?

Right now the code just moves three servos 90 degrees back and forth in sequence, but I don't know if I'm sending the right signal at the right interval, because the th9x tx "display" isn't showing anything.

I set "trainer" to:
and set it from INH to OFF

meanwhile my head tracking gyro works cause I have it on ch5 and ch6 and I've set the aux ch settings to map them to HOV PIT and HOV THRO. So that's working. But how do I gain access for the arduino.

I'm in airplane setting btw.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Keith