please help for lcd 240x128 arduino uno

please how i connect LCD QCPASS 240128A v2.0 for arduino uno
and give me a simple exemple for arduino and how i connect the lcd with arduino
please harry

I see no need to restart this thread. It would be better to start a discussion with the people (including me) who answered to your previous post.

And: There is no simple example, because this display is very complicated. Depending on the exact variant and type of your display, a different approach is required.

You need to identify and analyse your display first, before any "simple example" can be given.


It is QCPASS 240x128 just i want to write a simple word i dont need a complicate picture , my question is how i can connect his pin with ard uno and the library correspond !

Ok, then please post the datasheet of your display.

A simple solution can be only given with the datasheet of the display. The purpose of the datasheet is to clearly describe how to connect the display. Without the datasheet there will be always some guessing and investigation, which is always complicated.


hi Oliver, I have 320x240 GLCD and i need help in plotting values from Arduino UNO analog pins. I need to plot bar graph for the values i receive.

DS-G320240D1 (With TP).pdf (1010 KB)

S1D13700 Library Documentation.pdf (199 KB)

Hi Your 320x240 display has a RA8835 controller. Unfortunately i can not say anything regarding the RA8835. It is also not suported by u8glib.