Please help ! Have a doubt about line sensor array


I'm using planning to do a project on color following robot. This robot will only follow a particular colored line out of all the other lines branching out with different colors.

My question is:

Can I use an analog line sensor for this project?

If not, can you please suggest me a sensor for this project

Please help me out!

Thank you

You mean Sparkfun QRE1113 line sensor? Or one similar to that?

No. The QRE1113 is not sensitive to colour. It is actually working in the Infra-Red range so it can see things that you can’t and it can’t see things that you can. Fortunately a black line is usually black in both IR and normal light.

Question: Does the colour change or will you have a “blue” robot that can only ever follow blue and no other color for its entire lifetime?

This RGB sensor may do what you want. I haven’t looked at it too closely.

Yes, it is similar to the one u showed. it is this

And about what the bot does:
there will be a line follower track with different colours branching from the start line.If I code it to follow the blue line , it should take the blue path from the start avoiding other paths. After it travels some distance, again different colours will branch out from a point in the track. That time it shud take the red line and follow it.

Why can't Analog IR sensor be used since for different colours there will be different intensities of IR reflected so why can't we use it to detect colours?


I don't understand why it wont work the way I told can u pls explain to me

Thank you

I suppose it couldn't hurt to try. It is possible that you can tell what color a line is by how much infrared it reflects. You may have to try a variety of markers to get a selection that are easy to distinguish in IR. To a human it would be like following various shades of grey. If the lines don't overlap much you should be able to ignore the signals that represent other colors.

Is there any other sensor array I cn use?

If so

Cn u provide the link of the sensor array

Thanks a lot for ur guidances

I'm experimenting with this ISL29125-based sensor currently. Limited success, but I continue. It needs a good source of white light to reflect the colour back into the sensor, and I think I'm getting white light directly in from my white LEDs.

Next time I might go for this TCS230-based breakout, since it has the white LEDs built in and looks to have good shielding between the LEDs and the sensor. I prefer I2C though.

Thanks a lot I'll try those