Please help implement communication protocol

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I'm trying to implement a communication protocol, called DALI is an open standard that is used for lighting (to vary the light output of an electronic ballast), is structured as follows: The communication speed is 1200 bit / sec.

Transmission: 19 bits:

1 start bit, 1 byte address, 1 byte of data, 2 stop bits.

Reception: 11 bits: 1 start bit, 1 byte of data, 2 stop bits.

My question is how could implement, as the serial communications uses 8 data bits. I'm lost if someone could help me appreciate it.

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You could start by having a look at the source of the software serial libraries. Transmission is your only concern - receive is fine using the hardware UART. Bit-banging can be fiddly, but the bit rate is low, although for 16 tx data bits, your timing will have to be spot-on - error cannot exceed about 4% per bit.

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I'm a bit lost appreciate the aid.

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On the form of modulation of the wave, you can see it in the manual:

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