Please help, Intel Mac serial driver issues

I've been through the FAQ and posts regarding this, but can't quite get it all to work.

I'm using Arduino 0004, and I've downloaded & installed the latest Intel mac USB drivers from FTDI's site, and run the "mac osx setup" script, all seems to run well. I've checked in /dev to see that the driver is there and owner is root, and it sure enough shows up in the Tools menu when plugged in.

But, I can't get the IDE to talk to the board for love or money. "Programmer is not responding." presing "reset" right before the transfer doesn't help. Sometimes I see the rx/tx lights flash once or twice, but never a successful transfer.

(I tried 0005 but it won't launch; read the posts about that too, but thought 0004 should work..)

trying clicking upload then counting to 2 or 3 before resetting the board


Yes, Arduino 0004 comes with PPC binary versions of the compiler and uploader, so it takes a long time. You may have to wait as many as 8 seconds after pressing upload before hitting reset on the board. Arduino 0005 should fix that (there's a version with Intel binaries). Do you get an error in your console log when you try to launch it? Did you trying running Software Update and installing the latest Java version?

YES ! (thank you all), updating Java and loading 0005 worked (this was for a student's machine, and I didn't want to update it w/wo permoission, but she did and now all is well! Great community, thank you again...