Please help: invalid use of template name without argument list

Hello everyone! Looking for a fix to the code listed below. I keep getting the following error:

C:\Users\Nate\Documents\Arduino\libraries\WifiPixels-master\src/pixel_helper.h:27:5: error: invalid use of template-name ‘NeoPixelBus’ without an argument list

NeoPixelBus strip = NeoPixelBus(pixelCount, pixelPin);


exit status 1

The full code of pixel_helper.h looks like this:


#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <NeoPixelBus.h>

#define RGBMode_Blank 0
#define RGBMode_BLEND 1
#define CustomPattern_Mode 2

#define pixelPin 2
#define pixelCount 16

void pixelLoop();
void ProcessCommand(String command);
int LEDMode = RGBMode_Blank;
bool ProcessSerial = false;

RgbColor RGBStringToRGB(String input);
void SetAll(RgbColor colour);

NeoPixelBus strip = NeoPixelBus(pixelCount, pixelPin);

long previousMillis = 0;

extern PIXEL_HELPER_CLASS * pixel_helper;


Can anyone help with what might be ill-formatted or missing?

You are missing the template parameters.

NeoPixelBus[color=red]< feature, method >[/color] strip = NeoPixelBus(pixelCount, pixelPin);

The Adafruit version has an explanation of what is needed and the the parameters available: NeoPixelBus object · Makuna/NeoPixelBus Wiki · GitHub