PLEASE HELP!!! I've been at this for hours and hours every day

I have 3 nRF24L01+ modules, 2 of them talk back and forth Master 00 and Node 01, which is great.But I need the third module(Node02-the Bomb Prop to nano) to read a digital pin A6 from a Mega to a Nano D6 with the Transceiver attached to send to both of the 2 modules for alerting Master00 and Node01 that the Bomb Prop is Armed.

I have tried to emulate reading a pin and sending to the other module using Master00 to Node 01, since they read the buttonState just fine until I add to it. But not sure how to add the digitalRead pin and send it properly.

  1. What do I change the third module Address to be able to send(slave to master and other slave).

  2. I have tried to read the digital pin and send but am unsure how to change the state when the read input goes high and Low, It just stays High until reset. and the Second module

I’ve been spending Hours and Hours trying to figure it out without any luck.

I have pictures and codes in the attachments

Please help me ,thanks


My_Airsoft_Module_Program_Node_01_2.7.ino (9.46 KB)