please help me, edit gctrl g-code sender CNC Machine(Processing)

Hello friends, this my first post on this forum. I'm happy we can have conversation in this forum. XD

Yesterday, I found very useful and interesting g-code sender that build on Processing, develop by damellis (David A. Mellis) I already test the gctrl g-code sender on my CNC Machine, it's run smoothly. I found it here:

Since its build from Processing, it is very useful and interesting, Thousand Thanks to David A. Mellis.

I want to add little features, simple graphical user interface. I already put some user interface, picture below:

but, I have these problems, I hope members can help me how to make it done:

  1. How to show file name on the Processing, the location is after "File name:" as on the picture above.
  2. I have run the g-code sender and the running g-code is shown on the Processing text area. Is it possible to show the running g-code on the interface, the location is on the box below the "File name:" box as on the picture above.

The edited gctrl code:

Pre-compiled gctrl (windows-32bit): Pre-compiled gctrl (macosx-32bit): Pre-compiled gctrl (linux): * I'm sorry I only have Windows OS, its run smoothly on Windows. I hope members can help me try on other platform.

I hope somebody can point me to right direction. Still learning tough.

Thank You very much :) I'm happy to see your comments and feedback. :D

I hope somebody can point me to right direction.

Have you tried the Processing forum ?

Thank you, I've tried but still nobody replied my questions. :D