Please help me hook up my power supply

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to hook up this power supply to my 110 AC power outlet.. I'm guessing pin #7 is ground, pin # 8 (where it says "N") is neutral, and pin #9 (where it says "L") means line? So does that mean that when I hook it up to an outlet, pins 7 and 9 go into the power sockets (the left and right of "PS plug.jpg"), and the "N" will go to the middle? =)

Is there a safe way of testing out which pin is the right one without burning it? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

pins 7 and 9 go into the power sockets

not unless you want to blow a breaker

Is this what you mean?

Yes that is right.

L stands for live, not line, but fortunately they mean the same thing! The diagram of a mains plug isn't complete without specifying the view direction (and the territory it is used in?) - fortunately mains plugs and sockets should always have "E" "N" and "L" marked.

The datasheet for the supply should suggest which fuse rating to use, do use the right one.

Did the unit survive the drop test (see left side of casing). Since you are a novice to this game also be aware of the very close proximity of lethal mains voltages to the low voltage DC outputs. You also need to ensure that the mains cables cannot be accidentally pulled out of there connection terminals. One cheap and nasty method would be to loop the cable into a swan-neck and tie-wrap the outer covered cable to the two slots on the casing right hand side.

I bought it from ebay.. the seller didnt even bother to put bubble wrap or put any kind of protection in the package..