Please help me identify a component

I am trying to find a certain component which is sometimes used on modified speak and spells etc where it is basically a bit of metal that when touched with someones fingers alters the amount of voltage flow/current (I think anyway, it might be the other way around where it makes a connection instead or maybe there is different versions to do both).

I wanted to buy some of these components but have no idea what they are called so if anyone knows that would be great. :)

potentiometer like - -

I looked at several circuit-bent Speak and Spell projects and none of them had a metal component sensitive to touch. You will have to find an example of what you mean.

I just looked on youtube but could not find a video sorry, i don’t think it was a potentiometer but maybe i am wrong. If i am not mistaken i think it does something like the Capacitive Sensing Library but as a component however i am not sure.

Yes that seems to be what it was, i saw a slightly different version but it seems to be based on transistors like in that video. Thanks everyone :D

If you attach a wire to a piece of tin foil, there should be a slight increase in voltage when it is touched. This is much cheaper than something you might buy off sparkfun