Please help me make a program.

Okay so here's the deal, we have 2 Arduino's- 1 for the robot and one for the wireless remote control, 1 Attack-3 modified joystick, a Gizduino and a Gizbee. We're making soccer bots and we have the design ready. It has 3 main functions, X,Y and Kick. X and Y being the movements going upper left, upper right, lower left or lower right. But for now all we need to worry about is how to move the robot straight, reverse, turn left and turn right, and the motor that kicks the ball.

For the modified Attack-3 Logitech joystick we'll only be using the movements and the trigger for the program. When the trigger is pushed one motor has to work and kick the ball, When the joystick is pushed forward or backwards it should go in that direction, or if its pushed left or right one wheel has to move forward while the other wheel moves backwards until we release it. We will worry about the movements in small increments at a later time, I need your help for the following, listed by priority:

  1. A program for finding out which is which for the controls, example: X1Y2K1 (x and y for movements, and k for kick. 1 for on and 0 for off)
  2. Making the robot move left,right,forwards,backwards by moving around the joystick.
  3. When pushing the trigger, it will activate the third motor and "kick" the ball.

I'm at a complete loss about what I'm going to do here. Please at least give me something to base my work on or a framework sort of program where I can modify and adjust. Thank you!

1 Attack-3 modified joystick

Link? Modified how?

a Gizduino

A what?

a Gizbee

Again, a what?

Your post topic is wrong, I think. What you really need is two programs. One program will read the joystick data, and send data to the other Arduino.

The other program will receive that data, parse it, and control the motors.

However, without knowing anything about the joystick, we can't tell you how to connect it to the Arduino. Without knowing how it is connected, we can't tell you how to read the data from it. Without knowing anything about the Gizduino or Gizbee, we can't tell you how to send data to the other Arduino.

For the other Arduino, the program to read the data depends on how the data is being received (not enough details to help here). Parsing the data will be the easiest part. Actually controlling the motors depends on which motor shield you are using, or what other hardware you are using between the Arduino and the motor(s). Again, not near enough details. = gizduino

and by gizbee i meant zigbee sorry lol

and for the joystick it was modified so it can be used wirelessly, thats all

One XBee? That's not going to do a whole lot of good by itself. You need two of them - one to send and one to receive.

You need a way to connect the XBee to the Arduinos - typically a shield.

You still haven't mentioned what motor controller (shield) you have, or how you are planning to use a logic pin to activate a big, power-hungry bi-directional motor.

Finally, a picture of a joystick is just about useless. A manufacturer's data sheet is necessary. How is the data sent from the joystick? How is supposed to be received by whatever is supposed to receive it? What is supposed to receive the data?