Please Help Me Something Is Wrong😭

the lights on the arduino are all glowing i.e. the L,TX,RX and on
when i connect it to my pc or 12 v power supply, all the lights come on. It is not recognised by the arduino software


i tried uploading a blank sketch, changed the serial ports, plugged it in other sockets, other computers, all to no avai. I know nothing is wrong with the board as i have used it before and it was working just an hour before this issue.

normally it would look like this

This was actually for an rfid door lock system. I had made some months ago, i upgraded it by adding led’s and a buzzer and now decided i wanted a little more. I added a countdown timer for when the door closed. But as i was testing something happened and on next reboot i got this error.
My hypothesis is that i connected too many things to the board.
I found a working way of utilizing the analog pins for the 7 segment display as there was not much space left. So basically i had an mfrc522(3.3V), a 5V servo, a buzzer, two led’s and a seven segment display.

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I agree with you, and although we know the solution is relative simple I will skip answering it as well. This is type of posting is just a waste of our time.

Hi i am so very sorry about this. I am a newbie and dont know the rules.
Please assist me. I need to do this project quickly..
I had posted this same topic eairlier and didnt recieve much help. so i posted it again and sent links on other topics wanting urgent help with this issue. I am sorry because i didnt know this was'nt allowed. Please help me.

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please help me

I need help really badly

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Do you see the port appear in Device Manager when you plug in the Uno to USB ?


Then it will not be seen by the IDE

With Device Manager open when you plug in the Uno does the DM list get repainted even though the port does not appear ?

If so then set the option in DM to show hidden devices and look for unknown devices to show up

nope nothing


Sorry, but I am out of ideas

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