Please Help me with my Automated Keyboard

My name is Jess and for a school project, I have decide to do an automated keyboard.
I have no experience with wiring and would really appreciate some help.
My overall idea is to have solenoids press down onto the piano keys at different times in order to create a tune.
Here are my materials;

  • Nano Atmga328P : micro controller board
  • 2 Four channel 12v Relay Modules
  • A breadboard
  • 8 cylinder, push solenoids (DC12V)
    Kind Regards

Can you post links to both the relay modules and the solenoids.

You need a 12V power supply that can deliver enough current to drive it all. If your requirement is that multiple keys can be pressed at the same time and a solenoid draws 1 Amp (for example) you need at least an 8 Amp power supply; built in a safety margin of around 20% and you end up with 10A power supply. Add some current for each relay (no idea, 100mA?) and you might want to power the Nano as well from that 12V (another estimated 100mA).