Please help me with my first project.

Hi there this is my first arduino project apart form a cnc machine.
I need help on 3 thing:
1st) Making a led backlight for a rc car (green and black) to shine like a rail. What i mean is the lights to be form one end to the other and get darker as they go to the end etc.)
2nd) A mp3 player using my spare 4ohm speaker to play in the car.
how to make a pan/tilt servo controlled gyroscope.
SO i put something on my glasses e.g and then move head around and the pan/tilt servos also move around.
Please help me
btw: Please make it easy for a noob like me XD
and add part lists.

  1. Shine? Why do you want darker then? Please explain what you think should happen. Is it dynamic? (Would you need a video to show the effect?)

  2. You can get MP3 player add-ons for Arduinos. Search with your favourite search engine. Note that the Arduino doesn't handle the audio data, it just sends start/stop commands to the player.

  3. Once again, search is your friend. Even if you don't find exactly what you want, give us some links to projects that are like yours and explain what you want to do differently.

Although I consider myself experienced in Arduino, I would not attempt 3) on my own. I would find someone else's libraries online and modify them to do what I want.