Please help me with old Protel schematic

Could anybody open and save as PDF or jpg this schematic for me? I have Win7 and can’t get Protel to work and Altium viewer won’t recognize it. Or do you have any idea how to open it?

2.4TFTScreenbreakout.Sch (13 KB)

I tried Eagle 5 and Eagle 6
if you can open it

Thanks for trying. I tried Eagle as well, but it didn't work. I also tried GerbMagic and Altium viewer. I found old Protel 1.5 which should be able to open it, but can't get it running on the WIn7 64bit OS.

This is an old thread, but FYI, I have successfully installed the old Protel in a 32 bit virtual machine that was running on a 64 bit host (winxp 32 bit and win7 64 bit, respectively).

I don’t have access to that machine right now, but if you still need this done, I could try it next week. Otherwise this is just for people in the future who may find this via google.

I just read the file into Altium, there's not much there but if this is still a problem I can export to a PDF or something.


There is not, but if you could please export it and send it to my email: I need the pinout

Thank you



Thank you so much.