Please help me with simple project!

I have worked with stepper motors and Arduino before, but nothing quite this complicated (for me, at

least). I also am not sure which Arduino model and motor shield(s) would be best for this application or

if I need multiples of any of them. I have listed all of the equipment I have in the numbered bullets below. I know that I will also need an mp3 shield, but again I’m not sure which is best.

Apart from the hardware list, I’m pretty lost on the code side. I’m usually able to interpret code and

adjust parameters as necessary (such as steps, speed, etc.), but I’m certainly not capable of writing a

program from scratch or combining several existing ones so that it will do what I’m describing below:

I will have the following equipment that consist of my inputs and outputs:

(3) stepper motors; A, B & C

(1) audio track

(1) electronic push button/switch

I want the sequence to perform as follows:

1) The button is pushed to begin the sequence

2) The audio track begins playing

3) 10 seconds later steppers A & B begin rotating clockwise at speeds W & X for a specific number of

steps (Y & Z)

4) once steppers A & B have completed their commands (does it matter if one takes longer than the

other?), stepper C will rotate clockwise at a specific speed and for a specific number of steps

5) once stepper C is complete, the audio track will stop and reset to the beginning (not playing until the

button is pushed again)

6) stepper B will go back to its original position by rotating counterclockwise

7) done

I really would love any guidance or help anyone could give! Thank you so much!!

but I'm certainly not capable of writing a program from scratch or combining several existing ones so that it will do what I'm describing below:

Then maybe you are not ready to tackle such a project and you would be better off doing more experiments with simple programs. And so getting more experience and insight into what is going on.

In essence what you want to do is not difficult and is a straight forward implementation of a sequence. The only thing you might have difficulty with is the two motors moving at once. Most libraries are blocking so you only get to move one motor at one time. So for that bit at least your program needs to be written as a state machine so see my:- Or Robin2's several things at once

The trick with any project is to break it down into small parts you can do and then combine them. Just avoid using delay.