Please Help Me

i dun know what happen to my LCD 20×4 using arduino mega 2560... that weird word or thing appear after a few second when running the program... i dont know if there is problem with my coding or my circuit... can you help me... urgent... T.T... sory for my bad english...

this is what happen after running the program… its normal when start… then after apply light to the LDR sensor… the LCD become like that (picture)… i dont know why… is there problem with my LCD or my coding or my circuit… arduino mega 2560…


You have not provided enough information for anything more than a guess.

My guess is that you have an incorrect connection between your Arduino and your LCD. Either a pair of crossed wired or a connection between two of them. It would help to verify this if you could tell us what is supposed to be displayed on the LCD.

A photograph of the other side of the display would also help so we can see the connections between the Arduino and the LCD.


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