please help me

I have a problem with the code for this project, When I want to check it show me this message
( stray'' in program) , link of project and the code :

You have a stray character that shouldn’t be present. It should identify the line number of the offending character. I don’t see a \ anywhere in the code on that page.
It may be that it’s actually some non-printing unicode charachter (and is displaying wrong in the output window and/or on forums) - this is a very common problem when copy/pasting code from the internet, and non-intuitive to solve because the offending characters are often invisible. Somewhere on the line it points you to, there may be a non-printing character that you need to delete in order for the code to compile. There may be many such invalid characters

I don’t have a good suggestion for how to find and remove these - you may be able to locate them using a better text editor (notepad++, sublime text - one of those programmer’s text editing toold) which displays non-printing characters.

Also, don’t make us go to your website to find the code, insert code in your post using code tags (the </> button at top left of the formatting buttons when making a post).

Paste your code in the reply box on this forum. Select all text that you pasted and copy it; paste the text back over the code in the existing sketch. That seems to fix the problem.

You do not have to post the reply, just pasting seems to solve.

If that does not work, go to preview after pasting and repeat the copy/paste from the textbox on that page.